T.E. Brown Resources

First of all, The Collected Poems from 1900:

And from the same year the Letters in 2 vols.:
Vol i = http://archive.org/details/lettersb01browuoft
Vol ii = http://archive.org/details/letters_02browuoft


4 thoughts on “T.E. Brown Resources

  1. There have been a number of PhD theses on TEB and I intend to gather them together in this note.

    Raymond Everett Mizer, A Critical Survey of the Poetry of Thomas Edward Brown. PhD (The Ohio State University, 1952).

    Nicholas J. Shimmin, The Making of a Manx Literature: Regional Identity in the Writings of Hall Caine and T.E. Brown. Phd (University of Lancaster, 1988).

  2. The work of Max Sutton is maybe the start of serious academic interest in TEB if someone cares to follow him up and Tobias for that matter.

    Sutton, Max Keith. “Earning Authority: The Narrator’s Task in T.E. Brown’s Third ’Fo’c’s’le Yarn’.” Texas Studies in Literature and Language 30.1 (1988): 65–86.
    ——. “Mutiny among the Listeners in Brown’s First (Uncensored) Fo’c’s’le Yarns.” Victorian Poetry 26.3 (1988): 231–47.

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