Agnes Herbert

Agnes Herbert was once resident in the Isle of Man, seemingly from childhood though nothing turns up in the census records. She appears to have lived either in Port Erin or nearby. Her book, The Isle of Man, appeared in 1909 and can be downloaded from here:

Along with her cousin, she was a big game hunter, producing accounts of her trips to Somaliland, Alaska, and the Caucasus mountains.

I have the following references to her background but do not have access to the Czech or Capstick ones which may include details of her time in the Island as well as her links to it.

Any further information would be welcome.

Jones, Timothy S. “Agnes Herbert (circa 1880–7 Feb 1960).” British Travel Writers, 1876–1909. Eds. Barbara Brothers and Julia Gergits. Dictionary of Literary Biography. Detroit: Gale Research, 1997. 178–80.

Czech, Kenneth P. “Agnes Herbert, the Penultimate Diana.” With Rifle and Petticoat: Women as Big Game Hunter. New York: Derrydale Press, 2002. 67–84.

Capstick, Fiona C. “The Herbert Cousins—Somaliland Safari.” The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. Johannesburg: Rowland Ward Publications, 2004. 179–87.


4 thoughts on “Agnes Herbert

  1. Here are some reminiscences by Herbert of her time in the Island (taken from The Isle of Man 1909):

    [16] “In my little port [ie, Port Erin], and at the Niarbyl, Maughold, Cregneish, and countless other parts, there are still old people who speak no tongue save the Manx, to whom I can do no more than pass the time of day. In such remote corners the local colour is all Manx still, unspoiled by the passing of the ages, undeWled by the race for gold.”

    [243] “I can remember being in a little hovel at Fleshwick, divided into two compartments with a window (save the mark!) in either, when the late Dr Clague, the Manx worthy, came to pay a visit to a sick child. The mother wanted “a bottle,” just a bottle—that is how the Manx always speak of medicine; but the child needed air, only air, and there was none in all the room. The wonderful understanding medico looked at the frame of ever-and-ever Amen variety, and then—methodically knocked out all four infinitiesimal panes one by one.”

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