PhD Theses on the Isle of Man

We lack any number of bibliographic tools and resources for the Island and a listing of both MA dissertations and PhD theses especially is needed. If no publications ever arise from PhDs they are the hardest resource to track down. I intend to use this thread to gather together what I have in my notes or have come across. If you have a ref. please leave it in a reply and I will cut ‘n paste it into place.

The listing here will be by name; I am not going to attempt a subject index as well.


Griffin, Amanda Jane (2006) The amateur competition movement: shaping identity through participation in the Manx music festival 1892-2005. PhD, Durham University.


Quine, Gillian (1990) A reconsideration of the evidence of the shieling in the Kingdom of Man and the Isles, with particular reference to Man. PhD, Durham University.


Vaukins, S (2008) The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Motor Cycle Races: 1907 to the 1960s: Politics, Economics and National Identity. PhD, Lancaster University.