Help: Folklore Academy, Douglas

I have recently come across a number of references to the “Folklore Academy”, based in Douglas, Isle of Man during the 1950s? (e.g. I’d never heard of the authors Stanley or ‘Muzza’ Coleman? Does anyone know anything about it or them? Thanks.

Manx Notes

Some new Manx Notes just uploaded and published online:


  • [148] “‘I picked up a most beautiful old Manx tune yesterday’: Sophia Morrison (1859–1917).” Manx Notes 148 (2013): 1–6. [X]
  • [147] “‘The Ploughman in Wind-Swept Fields’: The Folk Singers found by Dr John Clague.” Manx Notes 147 (2013): 1–4. [X]
  • [146] “‘We are the Mollag Band’.” Manx Notes 146 (2013): 1–5. [X]
  • [145] “Manx National Airs: The Lost Work of Deemster J.F. Gill and Doctor John Clague.” Manx Notes 145 (2013): 1–8. [X]
  • [144] “‘How old is ‘Jinny the Witch’?” Manx Notes 144 (2013): 1–5. [X]
  • [143] “‘An inquiry into Manx Folk Music’: A.P. Graves and Manx National Songs. ” Manx Notes 143 (2013): 1–5. [X]
  • [142] “‘The Wheezy Concertina.’ The Celebration of the Mhellia.” Manx Notes 142 (2013): 1–5. [X]
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Dr John Clague

Just received final proofs of my article on Clague and his collecting of verbal folk charms in the Island.

“‘Get Dr Clague’: Dr John Clague as Collector of Manx Charms.” Incantatio, 2 (2013): 79–95.

It is an open access journal and the link is here [X]