Bishop Wilson’s Parochial Libraries

Nicholas Poole-Wilson
List of Surviving Books from Bishop Wilson’s Parochial Libraries
(Douglas: 2013)

A copy available for free from the author
c/o Bernard Quaritch
40 South Audrey Street

Two previous surveys are from 1974 & 2004.


Call for Papers for symposium on ‘Gef, the talking mongoose’

Gef, the ‘talking mongoose’: “If you knew what I know, you’d know a hell of a lot!”

Call for papers for an interdisciplinary symposium to be held at

Senate House Library, University of London, on Thursday 10th April 2014 (p.m.)

Manx items in FLS News

Miller, Stephen. “‘Instructions to Workers on Calendar Customs’ Leaflet.” FLS News 68 (2012): 10 col. b–11 col. a.

——. “The Queen of May and Queen of Winter.” FLS News 71 (2013): 5–6 col. a.

——. “The Saddle Stone in the Isle of Man ” FLS News 71 (2013): 14–15 col. b.

——. “Daffodils Indoors Unlucky.” FLS News 71 (2013): 15.

——. “St Patrick on the Isle of Man.” FLS News February (2014): 11 col. a.

Professor Tim Thornton

Blurb from WWW site:

“Tim Thornton works on the late medieval and early modern political and social history of the British Isles, spanning the period c. 1400-1650. He specialises in the non-English territories of the crown. His early work on Cheshire explored the palatinate’s history during the period between Richard II’s reign and the early seventeenth century. More recently, he has published on Wales, the Isle of Man, Durham and the Channel Islands, and also on the north of England during the late medieval and early modern periods. His most recent books are on political prophecy, particularly the traditions associated with Merlin, Mother Shipton and Nixon, the Cheshire prophet, and on the Channel Islands between 1370 and 1640, exploring their history in the context of relationships with Normandy, Brittany, France and England.”