Call for contributions

Manx Research is an informal community blog for those wishing to share current or past research, summaries of more extensive research published elsewhere, reviews of books and articles, notifications about useful sources and resources and discussion pieces. Whether you are an amateur researcher, professional, academic, graduate or undergraduate Manx Research can provide a place where you can distribute your research to a wider community. With average monthly views well over 1000, contributing is certainly worthwhile and presents a unique opportunity to bring attention to research to a wider community of like-minded researchers and those with a keen interest in the Isle of Man. Recent posts have included the latest findings on Manx DNA signatures, research on Ballaugh’s WW1 War Memorial and the first Manxman killed during WW1, but there is really no limit on the subjects that can be covered in a post, only that it should have a connection with the Isle of Man.

If you are interested in posting a blog you can send your post to manxresearch [at], or send an email to the same address requesting your own login details which will allow you to create your own posts. If you are not interested in posting then please follow the blog, like the Manx Research Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter (@Manx_Research). If you have any questions just drop us an email.

Please circulate this as widely as possible, as Manx Research is intended as a community resource and requires contributions in order to continue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Many thanks,
Manx Research


Threshing at Balladoole Farm.

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